Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Sigh of relief

Feeling better about my articles. I've begun work on my Alsons article, plus I just need a few revisions and alterations for my mango farm article.

No clue what I'm talking about? Heehee, I'm so sorry I still haven't had the time to finish and publish my previous drafts. Will do so once I've finished with all my projects, homework, and extra-curricular sidelines.

As always, the mood of the moment is busy busy busy!!! Only this time, I'm feeling more upbeat. Thank God!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

There's work to be done

Just came from Sarangani a few days ago for a writing assignment. Right now I have my hands full trying to write my articles. Add to that the many projects waiting for me for January.

Will put up my Sarangani drafts in the coming days or weeks, when I have the time.

Busy busy busy.

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Night of Healing in a Strange Place

"I love your energy," he told me
while his hands were clasped against my palm
"It's child-like
and graceful--
I love it," he told me
his voice soft
but mostly just tired
but with so much softness
that my eyes grew heavy
and my lips sagged

He was leading my hand to move in small circles
fast circles, my fingers violently shaking
to and fro, left and right,
going everywhere
then stop--
my hands feeling once again his warmth
and the cold of mint
on his and my palms

But I couldn't do as he wanted me to do
I could not sway my hands wildly--
the way one with a child-like and graceful energy would
They just fell heavy and dead
on his warm and
then tight grasp
Because I could feel everything
--all too aware:
of his warm, roughened, oiled hands on my palm
travelling the short length of my arms
his warm hands on my outstretched neck
resting against the dip in my collarbone
then sliding back to my nape again
squeezing and kneading
--sometimes his warm hands growing rough
and pulling and tugging at my hair
but he would let go
and the warm and rough of his hands
once again returns to the back of my neck
once again electricity runs under my skin
and I
out of nervousness
with my neck outstretched
pulling forward

His hands took me by the shoulders
as he laid me back
and rested my head on his crouched body
trying to carry my weight
all the while his hands were on my arms
on my neck
and my back was resting on his knee

Sometimes long strands of his hair
would brush against my lips
my cheeks
my closed eyes
I could not resist opening my eyes
and looking into his face
but his eyes would not meet mine
All I saw was white
He was in a trance
Trying to find my ailment
Trying to mend me from my ailment
His hands crawling down my back
then on my neck
then cupping my elbows
his grip tightening
sending little bolts crawling across my arms

I just stared at him
A little girl
just someone
who needed to be healed
by the warm hands of this

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Honey and Clover,

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Honey and Clover's first season is going to end its run on Animax next week. How sad. I've grown quite attached to this series (especially the characters), since it started airing on Animax in August.

For the benefit of the unfamiliar, H&C revolves around a group of college art school students. The series delves into issues on friendship, unrecquitted love, self-discovery, and the uncertainty that plagues every college student when he begins to think about his future. Some of you might think that the show's premise seems very cliche, but believe me, Honey and Clover offers a very fresh and realistic perspective to all these matters.

Over-all, Honey and Clover is a warm, earthy and refreshing mix of humor, romance, friendship and a bunch of other stuff that we all can certainly relate to. I'm not doing a very good job at convincing you, am I?

Thank God for YouTube.

The opening theme's really beautiful, isn't it? I don't know about you, but the first few times I listened to it, tears welled up in my eyes and tingly sensations spread across my brain to my face (plus the 'Food'-esque claymation is really good, ay?). The song's called "Dramatic" by Yuki. If I'm not mistaken she's 1/2 of Judy and Mary, which also sang one of the opening themes to Rurouni Kenshin. The full version of the song is also available for viewing on YouTube.

I guess--no, wait, I'm certain-- one of the reasons why I love H&C so much is--apart from the flawless animation and the "hits-close-to-home" storyline-- the excellent soundtrack. Every song included in Honey and Clover is guaranteed ear candy--from the opening theme to the episodes' insert songs to the closing theme. It might interest you to know that the show's title is culled from the albums of Spitz("Honey") and Suga Shikao("Clover"), which explains why a lot of these two's songs figure prominently throughout the series.

Here's the first season H&C's first closing theme, "Waltz," by Suneohair.
Akanai mabuta kosutte mieru(I rub my closed eyes and I can see )
Pasuteru moyou no mirai ni(The pastel pattern of the future )
Chiribamerareta kigou wo tadoru(Following the inlaid code)
Taguriyoseta hyoujou(I reel in and gather up your expressions)
Nee, nan dakke sagashiteita mono( Hey, what was it we were searching for? )
Are wa, sou ne itsu dakke(That was, yeah, when was it?)
Bokura ga inryoku ni sakarai nagara deatta koro( When we met, unable to resist the pull of gravity)
Sore wa warutsu no you da ne fushigisa( It's like a waltz, so strange)
Sasayaku you na komorebi no kousaten de( At the crossroads where the light whispers through the trees)
Futari warutsu no you ni ne mawarinagara(We whirl along like a waltz )
Egakidashite yuku mono(Drawing something )
Atatamesugita omoi wo zembu(I spit out my overwarmed memories )
Hakidashite mieru randosukeepu(And see them in a landscape )
Hantoshi ijou kusuburaseteru(This image has been niggling at me for over six months )
Imeeji ni hi wo toboshite(I like its fire )
Nan dakke nakushite shimatta mono(What was it we didn't want to lose? )
Sore de mo iin datte(It doesn't matter)
Bokura no inryoku de hikiai motomeau no darou(Our gravity will draw us together as we long for each other)
Sore wa warutsu no you da ne shitekisa( It's just like a waltz, so wonderful )
Tsubuyaku you na saezuri kikinagara(Listening to the murmured chirping )
Marude warutsu no you ni ne futari ga(It's just like a waltz, the way we whirl along )
Egakidashite yuku mono(Drawing something )
toboketa genjitsu mo genshoku de nurikaete shimae(Repaint the feigned innocence of reality with primary colors )
Hikiyosete ageru kara nee(I'll pull you in, so hey )
Soko kara odoritsudzukeyou(Let's keep dancing from there)
Futari dake no warutsu(In our own waltz )
Sore wa warutsu no you da ne fushigisa(It's like a waltz, so strange )
Sasayaku you na komorebi no kousaten de(At the crossroads where the light whispers through the trees )
Futari warutsu no you ni ne mawarinagara(We whirl along like a waltz )
Egakidashite yuku mono(Drawing something )

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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Covert Ops

I am all alone inside my house; no maids, no parents, no brothers. Just me--and the dogs barking outside. Save for the christmas lights outside blinking blue, red, and green, the house is cloaked in darkness.

I keep the noise on my keyboard to a minimum--typing very slowly to dull out the clack-clack-clack on the keys. I have bordered the window with my bath towel to prevent the light from my computer screen to filter outside. I'm so careful I'm not even breathing properly...

These carolers are vicious. They come in droves--one group every two minutes or so. I have begun to wonder if there is some conspiracy or scheme involved here. Perhaps these kids all belong to one organized unit. They divide themselves into smaller groups to extract as much spare change from the villagers as possible. Perhaps they even scramble members from time to time to ensure that they can still come back the next minute without being found out.

I will not be fooled.

My brother called me on my mobile a few minutes ago. He told me there was a shoe sale at Converse in Cebu, where he is currently working(in Cebu, not at Converse). He asked me if I wanted to have some Chuck Taylors; if I do, "Tell Mama to send me some money, so I can buy something for you--and for me too."

Whoah. My brother really has become a changed man. When he was here, all he did was sleep and throw tantrums when I would make too much noise and wake him up. Always grumbling and complaining--very grumpy indeed. He almost always seemed to be in a perpetual hung-over/bad mood. Also, there always existed a sort of friction between him and Papa; whenever the two of them interacted, it seemed like I always needed to hold my breath, since Papa's so irritable and Chino's always had this penchant for challenging his authority and testing his patience. But now that he's away, I think he has come to realize the importance of family.

Pfft--Ha ha ha! I can't help it, it just sounds so corny!!! Hilarious. Hwaaahaha!

But really, I'm glad that he seems happier and more grateful now. I viewed his friendster profile, and I think it's safe to conclude that he's found some form of direction for his life.

In short: Pwede na siyang mag-asawa. Char lang!

And now, for a moment of Self-righteousness

I decided to come to Simbang Gabi earlier this morning. I didn't know I had it in me, too. While brushing my teeth (after posting my little piece on Borat), I just decided that I might as well go to Mass, since it was already past 4 a.m. anyway.

I quietly slipped out of the house, and made my way towards the road leading to our parish--hands inside the pockets of my jacket and walking briskly (I could almost imagine puffs of white air coming out my mouth). While walking I happened to look up, and never saw a clearer night sky in my life. Okay I don't know why I'm being so dramatic here.

When I came by the road, I noticed that the streets were nearly deserted. Luckily a jeepney came by, else I would've walked two full kilometers to church.

There were a lot of people in church, and most of them had spilled out to the parking lot, sitting around in clumps. I shook my head at the sight of young girls and boys walking around chatting boisteriously amongst themselves, as if they were making the rounds in a park. I know it's very manang of me, but really--the church is no place to be making passes and googly eyes at the opposite sex. Tsk tsk tsk.

I stayed away from the young crowd and made my way to the part of the church outside where families were mostly gathered--that way I could hear more of what the priest was saying. I then spent the rest of the hour on my feet, envying the early goers who had the privilege of good seats.

I'm just glad our parish has the good sense to provide a well-manned choir, if only to compensate for a church structure which is almost 5 years old--but has yet to see completion.

After mass, I bought puto and bibingka as pasalubong for the sleeping inhabitants of my home (and proof also that I hadn't been off making miracles somewhere). Mama and Papa weren't around (they were at SM slugging it out with the free tae-bo sessions), which disappointed me quite a bit since I couldn't show them what a good little girl I was.

And so, for the rest of the morning, I slept.

A toast: To the end of school, and the beginning of Christmas break... NOT!

I'm finished with all my exams. I should have made that period into three exclamation points, but I am in no mood to celebrate the start of christmas break yet. I've got an article due next week (I love how that makes me sound like a professional working woman, ha ha!), and more projects waiting for me at the start of classes. How about that?

I don't think I can properly pig out at Christmas and new year with thoughts of homework, projects, and reports bombarding my mind. It is decided then: I must iron-out these pressing (is a "pun intended" in order here?) academic matters before Christmas. Okay, I know I have a bad record when it comes to setting goals--and actually accomplishing them--so I'm keeping my fingers crossed real hard that I will not shirk from my commitments. (alter idem: "You willfull shirker!")

I came to school at 5:50 and was showered with a wide array of chocolate confectionery from my kind and generous classmates. How I hate it that they ganged up on me like this! Now I just feel all Scrooge-esque and un-thoughtful. Bah--oh nevermind, how corny. Well, I was supposed to give them a box of Go Nuts, but gluttony got the best of me and I ended up eating the two boxes. Yes, this must be karma bestowing upon me a well-deserved bout of guilt trip.

I blanked out at certain bits of the exam, but nothing so major as to merit a failing mark. After the exam, I decided to reward myself for a job "mediocredly-done" by watching Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. High five?

Karma must've been on a roll, 'cause I happened to sit through Borat in a very bad environment. The people who were with me inside the theatre were silence personified. I don't know what crawled up their butts and made them decide to watch Borat, 'cause they certainly weren't twitching their zygomaticus one whit. It's a shame; Borat was such a good movie, but the totally dead reaction from my fellow audiences just totally ruined the film-watching experience for me.

There was this guy behind me, though, who probably thought he was so artsy-fartsy British with that dignified "A-HAH hah hah hah...Hilarious!" expression he did all throughout the duration of the movie. By the 15th "Hilarious!"(followed by mock slapping of knee) I was sooo ready to shoot an unpopped popcorn kernel down his throat, if only to induce a choking episode and make the abso*blooming*lutely annoying chap shut up.

I clambered outside the theatre while the closing credits were rolling (and the Kazakhstan national anthem was playing), feeling slightly light-headed (from having restrained myself too many times while laughing, so as not to disturb the unconscious and making out), but sorely relieved to have escaped the presence of so many anal-retentives.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Yes, a butt-load.

Oh Gaaaad. I feel like a huge butt-load has been lifted off my chest. How heavy is a "butt-load", you ask? I don't know. Just felt like modifying my idioms. Metaphors. Whachever.

Anyhoo, what am I talking about? Y'see I'm supposed to submit a feature article on Thursday(so that's like a day and a half from now). Yeah yeah I just remembered--I already wrote about this on my previous post. So, to cut the story short I already have a subject!!! Hweeeh!!!

I owe a bajillion thanks to banana/s... Ooh yeah, real Godsend. God really is good! Yesh, that's how happy I am!

Apart from that, nothing of notable importance happened today, or in the past two days. As a matter of fact, I actually just made like a rock yesterday: didn't talk much, didn't move--didn't even do a good job breathing. That's how worried I was that I still wasn't able to find a subject to interview. Interview--how I loathe that word. Abhor! I smush my booger at it! (Okay I don't know what I ate today that's making me type really crazy-and-stupid-like) I really don't like engaging in interpersonal activities. However, in as much as I hate interviewing, I'm actually glad that I got banana/s as my subject. The best part is, he asked me to just e-mail him my questions instead!!! Whooptidoo! Less stress for me!

--Whoah I just felt my seat move. It's an earthquake y'all! Okay--looking out the window--no one's scampering outside. I'll go on typing then.

Okay, where was I? Oh yeah, I think that's all!


Could the taba ng talangka I ate tonight be the reason for my erratic typing? I highly doubt it, since I did not eat the taba ng talangka. Ignoramus that I was, I thought that it was some sort of crab poo or bile juju or something, so I wiped it off the meat.

I'm really hungry. Eating that fat crab didn't satisfy me at all. I think I must've spent 45 minutes cracking the shell open, and picking at the meat with the other end of my fork. After I was done gathering the meat, my rice was already too cold to consume.

An added bonus: while I was washing the langsa off my hands, I felt a prickly sensation on my index finger. I had unknowingly injured myself, perhaps while I was battling with the crab's pincers and spiny legs. I was so engrossed eating that I hadn't even noticed that I was already losing precious blood! And to think that I was even licking my fingers contentedly...

Have I grossed you out enough already?

Anyway, it just reminded me of that anecdote, on how Eskimos kill Polar Bears using just a spear smeared with blood. Bwahaha. Hilarious.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Christmas with the Masses

Late this afternoon I made a last-minute decision to go to Rizal Park to look for a certain Benjamin Gabuni, hoping that I can interview him for my Feature Writing project. For those of you who are too lazy to click on the link, Mr. Gabuni is a member of Food not Bombs Davao--ah, nevermind, just click on the link you lazy bum!

So anyway, I got off in front of the Magallanes Public School and made my way to the park through the back of City Hall, with camera in hand. I figured this guy--if he was still in the park--would be pretty easy to spot, going by bananas' description. Just look for the torn jeans, the predominantly black outfit, the piercings, perhaps a pineapple do. Also, he'll probably be surrounded by snotty kids. Okay, this interview's practically in the bag, I thought to myself.

Alas, what I didn't expect to find was a Rizal Park swarming with warm, sweaty bodies.

Sheesh, how could I forget--it was the Christmas season! Beside Rizal's monument was a merry-go-round. "LIBRENG SAKAY," says the streamer in front of it. Tsk, there goes my snotty kids.

I also noticed that everyone was holding a styropore bowl, which I assumed contained rice porridge. A ray of hope, I thought! I then began looking for the long line which will possibly lead me to the person I was looking for. But, when I saw the end of the line, I was dismayed to find out that the purveyors of the lugaw were not of the "Punks not Dead" variety. Rather, they were just a bunch of brusko-looking middle-aged men. I took a close look at the red printed matter on one of the bowls and was enlightened. It read: Pahalipay ni Rody sa Katawhan (my rough translation: Rody's Gift of Joy to the Warm, Sweaty Masses).

Abandoning all hopes of finding the elusive Mr. Gabuni, I instead contented myself with taking crappy pictures of my be-decored surroundings. I apologize in advance for my spastic hands and my camera's dirty lens.

Friday, December 8, 2006

Stop the Sanity!

"Sanity is so last century!" reads one blog.

What can I say? These days, it seems like everyone's trying to affect some personality disorder, or feign mental illness. Ho-hum. What's new, anyway?

I doubt their intentions. What could be their reasons for advertising their "fruity"-ness? Does having a screw loose somewhere up their cool-ness factor? Is it to give others the impression that their lives are more "interesting" than they actually appear to be?

I guess some people are just too suggestible--or perhaps hypochondriac. They do a bit of reading on disorders and their symptoms, and the next time you see them they're biting their fingernails, squirting alcogel all over the place, delivering spontaneous monologues, counting the steps on stairs, and avoiding cracks on streets and sidewalks (good luck with that, says DPWH).

Whatever. There are way too many self-proclaimed OC's and Paranoid-delusionals out here, that I think to have an imagined personality disorder has become somewhat passe.

I therefore declare that sanity is the new "in". =)

Thursday, December 7, 2006

You better be Happy coz I just paid 70 pesos to see you.

Watched the 8:00 P.M. screening of Happy Feet.

Hmm, what can I say? Despite the fact it's currently number one at the North American charts, it totally left no impression on me whatsoever. Not even a tiny,infinetisimal dent. Just a few chuckles here and there, nothing really funny enough to make me snort a whole kernel of popcorn out my nose. I was more engrossed with the humans; were they really CG characters? I don't know, coz they totally looked real to my ignorant eye.

Now that I think about it, the film was more disturbing than funny or inspirational. Kinda like Al Gore's "An Incovenient Truth"--Kiddie version. Pfft.

Okay I won't attempt a full-blown review, coz I bet I'm one of the last people to have seen it.

Next up on my list of go-sees: Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. Offend me to death, Sacha Cohen Baron--I don't care. I'm not an American anyway.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Have a break. Have a Knick Knacks.

O sige magbinisaya sa ko, kay gipadalhan man ko ug elektronikong suwat ganina sa Bisayablogger Moderator; ana siya na kung pwede daw, kay nag apil-apil man kuno ko sa ilang grupo, e di mag-Binisaya pud ko sa pagsulat sa akong blog. Tama siya, nakita man pud nako ilang punto. Pero pasinsyahi lang gyud ha, kay dili gyud ko pwede mag-Binisaya sa kanunay. Kay aron masayod lang ka, Inggles man akong gikuhang kurso sa pagkakaron; kinahanglan pud nako mag-praktis ug iningglis. Ayaw kabalaka, kay himuon nako ni mga kausa sa isa ka semana kay malingaw man pud ko mag-Binisaya.
Sus ganiha diay, hastang laguta nako! Kay nakamata na pud ko ug wala sa oras kay saba kaayo ning batang gamay sa among kapitbahay! Buntag sayo magsige na ug tsabaw!!! Utro pud ning lola, lolo, mama, ug papa sa bata kay aron mapahunong ang bata sa iyang pagsinggit singgit, kantahan man hinuon anang "Aleluya" ni Bamboo! Kana ganing sa Pepsi na adbertisment, kanang "WOO-OO-HOOO--OH"? O kana! Mag sige silag kanta ana para siguro mapakatawa ang bata! Lintik na lang gyud! Unsaon na lang man nako pagtubo ani na dugay na gani ko makatulog, matahon pa gyud ta'g sayo pirmi aning "Woo oo hooo oh"?!? Abno man siguro ni among kapitbahay...

Mao to, nakatulog ra pud ko balik kay nindot kaayo ang panahon: bugnaw ang hangin, human natago pa gyud sa panganod (clouds?) ang adlaw! Mao to nagpadayon na ko sa akong damgo--sa dihang nahinumduman nako na Martes man diay karon! Aduna diay ko'y klase karong 9:15! Sus pirteng pamalikas na pud nako kay lami gyud kaayo sa katanan na matulog hangtod udtong tutok sa ani nga panahon! Lain pa gyud akong paminaw, mura ko'g gikalintura kay kalipungon ko human init akong lawas. Naghuna-huna ko: "Unsa kaya kung ma-absin ko karon? Dili man gyud makaya sa akong lawas na maligo karon..." Maayo na lang kay nahinumduman na pud nako na niingon diay si Ser Don katong niaging Huwebes na dili na usa mi manulod sa iyang klase kay hatagan daw mi niya'g oras na buhaton among pradyek. Ha-hay pirte nakong pasalamat sa Ginoo kay gihatagan gyud ko niya ug dugang oras na matulog. Niana ko sa akong kaugalingon na matulog ko'g mga usa'g-tunga na oras, human mumata na dayon dapat ko arong makasulod sa akong 11:00 na klase. Nipiyong na pud ko'g pagka-usab...

***Ang akong ikaduhang damgo na samok kaayo***
Nakamata na pud ko ug usab. Libog kaayo ko, wala ko kabalo unsang oras na--nahadlok ko basi'g nasobraan ko ug tulog. Gikuha nako ang selpon sa akong kilid ug gitan-aw ang oras: Syet! Ingon sa relo 10:55 na! Naloko na, wala na gyud ko'y mahimo, muabsin na lang gyud ko sa klase ni Ser Mac. Mao to, nipiyong na pud ko'g pagka-usab...
...Nakurat ko pagmata kay nikurog akong selpon. Gikuha dayon nako ang selpon sa kilid ug gitan-aw ang oras: 9:30. Pagkasamok na lang gyud, musulod lang diay gihapon ko ani ug eskwelahan. Imbes na murag giganahan na unta ko'g huna-huna na dili na lang musulod sa klase ni Ser Mac... Ay oo, naa diay ko'y mensahe gikan kang Faith. Gikumpirma niya na wala gyud mi klase kang Ser Don. Paghuman nako'g basa, nibug-at akong mata, dayon tulog ug pag-usab.

10:25 na ang oras tong sunod nakong pag-mata. Buot pasabot naa lang koy traynta-singko minutos arong maligo, mag-ilis, mukaon, mag-tutbras, ug mag-adto paingon sa eskwelahan! Napugos na lang gyud ko ug bangon kay mahadlok ko muabsin sa klase ni Sir Mac; basi pag adto nako sa sunod na adlaw, di na ko kasabot sa dagan sa iyang lektyur--taasan pa gyud ko niya ug usa ka kilay. Nahuman ko ug ligo sa sulod sa kinse minutos, ilis ug kinse minutos pud. Maski nag bukal bukal akong tiyan, wala na lang ko nikaon ug dayon nag-tutbras. Nitawag na lang pud ko ug Holiday taxi kay dili na ni madala ug dyip-dyip. Nihawa ko sa balay eksakto alas-onse--pamati nako nagsugod na ang klase namo sa Diskurso. Wala ko'y labot, basta musulod lang ko, bahala ulahi.

Katong naa na ang akong gisakyang taxi sa kilid sa Bangko Sentral sa dalang Tiongko, nahuna-hunaan nako ug tan-aw sa akong pitaka; singkwenta na lang man gud ang nabilin ato, human nahurot yata nako ang mga kuwins sa pamasahe gahapon. Wala gyud ko nasayop: 50.75 ang eksaktong sulod sa akong pitaka. Gisilip nako ang metro: 48.........--bagang!--ni-49 dayon! Hala, unsaon na ni, dili jud ko kaabot ug Ateneo Claveria ani!!! Tama gyud ko, pag abot namo sa dalang Quirino, atubangan sa Bangko Sentral ug sa Davao Central Convenience, nipatak na ug singkwenta ang metro. Gipahunong na lang nako si Manong sa kilid sa prutasan na Madrazo, human nag-desisyon ko na lakwon na lang ang Ateneo gikan sa dalang Acacia(kanang dalan gud na walay naga-aging sakyanan, igo lang istambayan sa mga bus sa Metro Shuttle sa una. Mabini man siguro na, ambot lang.)

Abog sa dalan, ga-itom na aso gikan sa mga tambutso sa mga dyip, akong palda nag-lupad lupad sa akong kada lakang, akong buhok na wala'y sudlay gikan pa sa pagsakay nako sa taksi--wala ko'y labot basta lakaw lang gyud ko hantod sa makaabot sa geyt sa dalang C.M. Recto(dili na diay na siya Claveria, pahinumdum ni Sir Mac). Gitan-aw nako ang oras sa kompyuter sa mga sikyo--11:26 pa diay. Bakakon jud nang orasan sa mga taksi sa Holiday oy! Nganong magpa-adbans-adbans man daw na sila? Pakulba-kulbaan ra jud nila ilang mga pasahero.

Nag-elebeytor na lang ko kay dili man taas ang pila. Wala na ko kabalo sa akong hitsura, pero basin dili na maayo kay ginatan-aw man ko sa mga nakapila sa akong tuo ug wala. Ay wala na ko'y Kiber, basta nisakay ko sa elebeytor.

Pagduol nako padulong sa among klasrum, natingala ko kay mura ug wala man nagsiga ang suga.

Pag-abri nako sa purtahan, hipos kaayo ang mga bang-ko.

Wala diay klase.

P.S. To those who feel alienated by my post since it's written in the vernacular, I can only offer an apology. For a translation in English, click this

Monday, December 4, 2006

Moody and Snooty-patooty

Background: This is another one of those silly Japanese game shows.

The Premise: Somewhat like a game of consequence. The participants draw cards on a table. Whoever gets the card with the "skull-and-bones" symbol gets to suffer the penalty, as indicated on their penalty chart. Sample penalties include(as can be seen on the video): 'The Wasabi Roll', 'Slapping Machine', and 'Old Man Bites Tenderly'--I'll leave it to you to find out what this penalty looks(and feels) like.

The catch: This game show is set inside a "real" library, so the participants have to be real quiet while enduring the consequences.

Just a quick reminder: You are not inside a library. Don't get carried away with the "shushing". Feel free to laugh as hard as you want--maybe slap a knee or two.

I don't understand why I'm so moody tonight. I think the only time I laughed today was when I saw this video. A few hours ago, during dinner time, I was such in a badtrip mode because our househelp made me another one of her pork and beans with a whole slew of pork, onions, and garlic thrown in. As you may not know, I only eat the "beans" in Pork and Beans. Garlic also makes me gag. And so, since I was miffed at her and all, I hid her left slipper under the gas range. I was being moody
and mean. And snooty too.

***Earlier that day***

Having had nothing else to do, I spent the entire activity period alone inside a dark C504. I propped my befoot-socked feet on a chair, and I just sat in the dark whilst I listened to music from my mobile. I would've wanted to sing along, but I was afraid some sneaky guard in school uniform might suddenly take a look inside.

When Pam came in, I pretended to take a nap--hanky covering face, chin on hand, occassionally dipping my head for effect. But try as I could, I just could not sleep! Blast it! This insomnia would never have occured if I was inside the library(or during Mgt215)! So then ate Neil came in (with me still feigning sleep at the back of the room), then kuya Jason--until finally an hour and a half passed by with my eyes closed but mind still ultra-friggin-active.

I couldn't take it anymore; my back was killing me and my legs had slept on me(lucky bastards). I got up from my chair and went outside to freshen up for class.

Fifteen minutes after the start of Debate and Argumentation class, I finally felt the pangs of drowsiness kicking-in. Unfortunately, I couldn't bear to sleep since no one had asked Atty. Cortado for his policy on sleeping at our first meeting; I was afraid(why am I always afraid?) he might suddenly flare up and send me out. Suffice it to say I felt like dying while I fought to keep my eyes open for the next 45 minutes.

This(sleep deprivation) may have been the reason why I was so irritable and grumpy the entire evening.

Sunday, December 3, 2006


It's not much, but it's a step towards...I don't know where.


I have been trying to replace my existing template with something prettier, to no success. This is totally exhausting! I keep getting xml error messages after I try to save my new template...

So much for complaining. My apologies for the lack of a note-worthy post. I was supposed to publish a post on memorable commercials(which is still in the draft stage), but I presently have my hands full trying to google my predicament.

I feel so helpless. Sigh.

Saturday, December 2, 2006

Feeling Nostalgic over Tropang Trumpo

While I was rummaging through the net last night, looking for photos of Zoren Legaspi, I stumbled upon a thread on Tropang Trumpo. Aaah, those were the days. I think I was 7 or 8 when ABC5 started airing Tropang Trumpo(if I'm not mistaken, that was in 1995), but some of the funnier and more memorable skits weren't lost on me. Who can forget the "Chicken" dance? Or the Battle of the Brainless? Ha ha, BOTB really was funny back in those days. Here's a sample of one BOTB session:

Ogie/Quizmaster: Sino ang pambansang bayani ng Pilipinas? Ang initials niya ay J.R.
Team A: (Bzzzz!) Jeric Raval?
Ogie: Mali! Isa siyang doktor!
Team B: (Bzzzt bzzzt bzzzt!) Aha! Doctor Jeric Raval!!!

While reading over the thread, I was surprised to know that someone still remembers Tropang Trumpo's 'Caronia' jingle spoof--much more the lyrics.

"caronia, caronia
ikabufini, manigura
puntang makati, manigura
caronia, caronia
confucius's caronia!" ....CHICKEN!

ABC5 aired re-runs of Tropang Trumpo I think just last year. Unfortunately, I only got to watch 2 or three episodes because I kept forgetting to tune in. I just found it sad how I really couldn't appreciate it anymore; at least, not the way I did more than a decade ago, when I was watching it with my brothers inside my parents' airconditioned bedroom on a Saturday night. I don't know, maybe the reason I found it funny in the past was precisely because I was watching it with my older brothers. The saling-pusa that I am, I always wanted to laugh along with whatever they found funny and hilarious.

But when I saw Tropang Trumpo again, it just seemed...old: the jokes were old, the mid-90's clothes Ogie, Michael V., Earl, Gelli and Carmina wore were old, the grainy visuals were old, the camera movements were old, the keyboard effects(that provided background music to every segment) were old. Corny and Old. So I was just surprised that the participants in the forum discussion on were all praises for this pioneering Philippine gag show. Like they never outgrew it all.

Ah, maybe it really is a good show after all. I don't know--maybe I'm being saling-pusa again.

P.S. Here's a post I found lying around among my countless drafts. I just posted it here coz I feel so guilty for not writing a more substantial post for this night. I don't know why I'm so pathetic tonight!!!

Friday Night at the Movies

Went to Chino's around 7:00 this evening to fill-in for Mother Dearest(who's at Cebu attending the PICPA convention) at the register. To my surprise, it was closed! Sheesh! What a waste of a bath! Since I was already dressed-up anyway, I rode a jeepney to NCCC Mall to eat and maybe watch a movie.

First off, I went to the 3rd floor to check out the "Now Showing" flicks. Hmmm, slim pickings. There was: Flags of our Fathers at Cinema 1, Inang Yaya at C.2, Happy Feet at Cinema 3, and Casino Royale at C.4.

I was trying to decide between Happy Feet and Inang Yaya. I ended up booking an 8:00 ticket for Inang Yaya, due to these reasons:
  • I was still clinging to the hope that our barkada's Saturday get-together will push through(despite tentative commitments from Cha and Claire). If and when it will, then seeing Happy Feet will definitely be in the itinerary.

  • Inang Yaya was the only Filipino film in the line-up. I was feeling patriotic that time and thus decided to raise the banner for the Filipino Film Industry.

I looked at my watch, and saw that I still had 45 minutes left before the movie starts. I headed off to Greenwich since I was craving for a heavy dose of carbs. So, I ordered a solo Greenwich Supreme, and a platter of their Premium baked mac, and a glass of Sprite. The damage: P154. Nice.

After dinner, I went back to the cinema, just in time to sit through the opening credits.

I'm not in the mood to talk about the movie. Maricel Soriano was believable, at the very least, in her role as Mommy Yaya/Inay; yea, she was excellent, really. The mother-in-law/token contravida, Liza Lorena, was efficiently hate-able (although she did mellow down towards the end). Sunshine Cruz-Montano held the sosyal/kikay Mommy role down pat. Zoren Legaspi was just fine as wall decor for some of the scenes.

***On a more serious note...

Everytime Zoren appears on screen, I am always reminded of his 'signature look': eyebrows furrowed, lips pursed(like he just sucked on a calamansi) but set in a semi-smile. The very image just makes me smile--after which I then stifle my laughter. Ha. Ha hah ha.


Hmm, who else, who else? The two kids--Maricel's alaga and daughter--also delivered exceptional performances; fearless forecast: one of them will get an 'outstanding performance by a child actress' award this year. Super Inggo's Makisig Morales can't even hold a candle to either one of them.

Oh yeah, remember Maximo's dad (from 'Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros'), and that guy from the Boysen commercial who painted over his nagging wife? He was there too, as the girls' carpool driver. Didn't even deliver a single line. The first time his profile flashed on screen, I heard signs of recognition from two moviegoers. One of them chuckled, "ang pambansang extra."

The cinematography however, merits a separate paragraph. I'm don't know much about movie technicalities; all I can say is the film's countryside backdrop was just beautiful. The limestone-and-mortar churches, open fields, greenery, and old, wooden houses--seeing those just made me think of Bohol. Sigh.

My tentative vision for the future: After I graduate, I'll make off with Dad's Vespa(after I've learned how to drive, of course) and go to Bohol, where I'll spend my days scooting around the municipalities, eating for free courtesy of the fiestas, and visiting each and every colonial church in Bohol. As to where I'll live and where I'll get the "running-away" money, it's still in the planning stages.

Care to join me?

Friday, December 1, 2006

I'm just no good with titles. I won't even try this time.

Hmmm...I do not recall much of this day. Why is that? I woke up to lovely weather around 7:00; slept a bit more, and officially got out from bed at 8:15. Mama left for Cebu earlier this morning, which means I have to tend to our humble little karinderya for the three days and nights she will be away.

Anyway, our maid(who also works at the karinderya part-time) has informed me that I have an admirer who has been pestering her for my number the past couple of days. Shit! Anyway, what can I say about him? I do not know anything about this animal, except that he hangs out with the drunks at the Debate Society, and he probably saw me that Saturday night when I was tending the cash register and they were, as usual, drinking Red Horse. Other than that, I really don't know anything about him at all. I just find it disturbing how this guy knows my course. What, has he been trailing me around campus secretly? The creep!

I do not want to be a snob and a cynic; I admit, it is flattering to have someone express interest in you. However, I find the whole thing creepy and gross. Ptui.

Anyhoo, during Features class, Sir Don again reminded me about my 'Neruda' tribute--he wants me to create a title for it. As of now, I still haven't come up with a title; anyway I've got until Monday to come up with one. I don't know about you, but I think coming up with a title is more difficult than composing the poem.

After Features class, I then went on to Discourse Analysis with Sir Mac Tiu. Discourse Analysis? Hah! I think it's Davao History 101 masquerading as a Discourse Analysis class! Can't blame Sir Mac; after all, tracing Davao's history is his current--perhaps life-long-- passion. Not that I'm complaining--I am also quite interested in our own history. And being with Sir Mac has just made me realize that I know next to nothing about Davao and its past. I mean who knows anything about Claveria, Uyanguren, or Datu Bago--aside from their association as street names? Huh, huh? Stumped you, didn't I?

***Another episode of digression:***
I have always wondered why our schools never teach us anything about our own city's history. It's always about Rizal, Bonifacio, Tamblot, GomBurZa, Silang, Dagohoy--but never about Davao's villains and heroes! In college, I even learned about Chiang Kai Shek, Aurangzeb(cool name by the way...Aurangzeb), the Aryans and the Dravidians, the Sumerians, Kublai Khan, the Manchurians, Emperor Hirohito, Akihito, Naruhito, and even more world personalities that I could care less about! Where do we, DavaoeƱos, figure in all of this?

I think one reason we don't bother educating students about their own history is because they're already expected to have some knowledge about it--at home perhaps, or from Lolo and Lola, or the talkative Tito Boy or Tita Baby. However, the sad fact is, even our own parents know zilch about Davao. It's pretty much the same case with the Cebuano or Visayan dialect; we don't teach it in school because it is assumed that we've already learned it from home. The result of which is that many young DavaoeƱos' vocabulary are deficient and inadequate--hence, the use of the multi-purpose "kuan" and the resorting to 'Davao Tagalog'.

***Whew! Heavy stuff! End of digression***

Okay, where was I? Oh yeah, Discourse Analysis. Oh yeah(part 2), before DA class started, I--along with Faith and Paolo-- was able to talk to Ate Neil and Kuya Jason. Actually, it's more like they talked, and we just listened. See they were letting off steam about Ate Vera, the third English major in fourth year who, according to Kuya Jason, has "attitude problems". I don't really want to elaborate; all I know is that they want to kick her off their thesis team-up, but they can't at the moment, so they just have to put up with her until they graduate. I just wrote about it because I'm glad that somehow we, Juniors and Seniors, seem to be getting along just peachy. Oh, such kind and open people.

So after Discourse, my stomach was growling in protest. With only roughly 30 minutes of break time left(before the start of Business Writing class), I decided to just grab a quick filler of Meat bread and Sprite at the food court(for a grand total of P22.00). The meat bread, at P10.00, was a disappointment. There was not enough meat, no eggs (which made me miss Miami Foods' version of MEATbread), all yeast and air. I think the more appropriate term should be meat BREAD.

After BizWriting, I had to wait an hour and a half more for my 4:10 Philo class, for which I was going to have a quiz. Sir Nice was 30++ minutes late. He came in with his iPod Video, earphones in his ears, and didn't even apologize for wasting half an hour of my life. Ugh, lawyers are just so arrogant sometimes. So he gave us another one of those nosebleed-inducing questions, which I'm sure I'm going to get another 65-68 score for. I decided to exact my own little form of revenge by taking my own sweet time answering my essay--again. And so, once again, I was the last to hand in my paper.
Started my first evening duty for the rest of the week at Chino's and, having nothing else to do, wasted an otherwise-productive night sitting around and watching Deal or No Deal. Saw an interesting sight, which somehow made my night(hey, that rhymes!): three harmless-looking middle-aged men, all looking well-to-do(just your regular bored daddies getting together on the eve of a non-working holiday), drinking SMB Light-- and having Hany for their pulutan. Yea, you read right: Hany, as in Annie's Hany, the Choc-Nut clone. I could only shake my head.