Friday, December 8, 2006

Stop the Sanity!

"Sanity is so last century!" reads one blog.

What can I say? These days, it seems like everyone's trying to affect some personality disorder, or feign mental illness. Ho-hum. What's new, anyway?

I doubt their intentions. What could be their reasons for advertising their "fruity"-ness? Does having a screw loose somewhere up their cool-ness factor? Is it to give others the impression that their lives are more "interesting" than they actually appear to be?

I guess some people are just too suggestible--or perhaps hypochondriac. They do a bit of reading on disorders and their symptoms, and the next time you see them they're biting their fingernails, squirting alcogel all over the place, delivering spontaneous monologues, counting the steps on stairs, and avoiding cracks on streets and sidewalks (good luck with that, says DPWH).

Whatever. There are way too many self-proclaimed OC's and Paranoid-delusionals out here, that I think to have an imagined personality disorder has become somewhat passe.

I therefore declare that sanity is the new "in". =)