Saturday, December 2, 2006

Feeling Nostalgic over Tropang Trumpo

While I was rummaging through the net last night, looking for photos of Zoren Legaspi, I stumbled upon a thread on Tropang Trumpo. Aaah, those were the days. I think I was 7 or 8 when ABC5 started airing Tropang Trumpo(if I'm not mistaken, that was in 1995), but some of the funnier and more memorable skits weren't lost on me. Who can forget the "Chicken" dance? Or the Battle of the Brainless? Ha ha, BOTB really was funny back in those days. Here's a sample of one BOTB session:

Ogie/Quizmaster: Sino ang pambansang bayani ng Pilipinas? Ang initials niya ay J.R.
Team A: (Bzzzz!) Jeric Raval?
Ogie: Mali! Isa siyang doktor!
Team B: (Bzzzt bzzzt bzzzt!) Aha! Doctor Jeric Raval!!!

While reading over the thread, I was surprised to know that someone still remembers Tropang Trumpo's 'Caronia' jingle spoof--much more the lyrics.

"caronia, caronia
ikabufini, manigura
puntang makati, manigura
caronia, caronia
confucius's caronia!" ....CHICKEN!

ABC5 aired re-runs of Tropang Trumpo I think just last year. Unfortunately, I only got to watch 2 or three episodes because I kept forgetting to tune in. I just found it sad how I really couldn't appreciate it anymore; at least, not the way I did more than a decade ago, when I was watching it with my brothers inside my parents' airconditioned bedroom on a Saturday night. I don't know, maybe the reason I found it funny in the past was precisely because I was watching it with my older brothers. The saling-pusa that I am, I always wanted to laugh along with whatever they found funny and hilarious.

But when I saw Tropang Trumpo again, it just seemed...old: the jokes were old, the mid-90's clothes Ogie, Michael V., Earl, Gelli and Carmina wore were old, the grainy visuals were old, the camera movements were old, the keyboard effects(that provided background music to every segment) were old. Corny and Old. So I was just surprised that the participants in the forum discussion on were all praises for this pioneering Philippine gag show. Like they never outgrew it all.

Ah, maybe it really is a good show after all. I don't know--maybe I'm being saling-pusa again.

P.S. Here's a post I found lying around among my countless drafts. I just posted it here coz I feel so guilty for not writing a more substantial post for this night. I don't know why I'm so pathetic tonight!!!