Saturday, November 25, 2006

Requiem for a Stress-filled Week

Friday. Sweet word. Beautiful.
Woke up at 10:32 a.m. I slept so well I couldn't remember what day it was. Then I remembered: today's a Friday. Sigh. It's all good anyway. Before I went to sleep, I set my mobile to silent so I avoided the mysterious phenomenon of my phone coming to life at 8:30 without my permission. So, I slept around 2:30 a.m., then woke up at 10:30--so that's...eight hours of uninterrupted sleep!!! Nice!!! Haven't sleep that long in weeks!!!
I came to Sir Don's Poetry class half an hour late. That's because I left the house with only 5 minutes left before the start of class. I figured I was better off riding a taxi to cut commuting time by 10 minutes. The irony of it was, I spent so much time waiting for a vacant taxi to come by that I ended up wasting around 15 minutes in the process. Realizing too late that my attempts at finding a taxi were futile, I took a jeepney instead. The time: around 12:40. I was officially already absent from class. Good thing we don't have a beadle, tee-hee.
I must take a few moments to digress. I really can't wait for the day when I'll get to have my own wheels. For months I've been bugging my dad to let me use his Vespa, but to no avail. It's the usual reason: two-wheeled vehicles are dangerous; you're better off driving a car--that way, if you ever get into an accident, you won't end up with a hole in your skull; girls aren't meant for riding scooters("You sexist!"), etc.
Me: So dad, can I use the Revo?
Dad: No.
Me: The pick-up?
Dad: Hell, no.
So I guess that was Dad's not-so-subtle way of telling me that I will have to commute for the rest of my college life.
--End of digression--
So anyway, I came to school huffing and puffing. Came inside the classroom while they were already into their second poem.
After class, I ate, attempted to read The Art of Argumentation and Debate(for next class' quiz), and hung out with Cleng at the gazebo for a while. While Cleng was listening to music from my mobile, I amused myself by watching a couple of laborers dig a shallow trench a few meters from where I was seated. Then suddenly I felt something crawling on my elbow. Out of impulse I swatted it with my palms; that's when I discovered it was one of those huge ants that hung around the trees around the gazebo. But instead of flying off the ant stuck to my finger. By this time I figured the ant must've been pretty pissed and ready to go into attack mode, so I tried to shake it off. However, after one bout of vigorous hand-shaking, I could still feel the tingly end of it's legs on my ring finger--which I mistakenly thought was the ant's jaws ready to pounce on my flesh. So I swatted it with my free hand--I must've squished it before it flew off my hand. After realizing what I just did to a poor, innocent ant, I just felt so bad at the unnecessary violence and injustice I inflicted upon it. If you must know, I have a pretty soft spot for those huge tree-dwelling ants(as opposed to the small red ones so common around the house whose bite is awfully painful--then itchy). I've never been bitten by one, despite the many encounters I've had with them at the gazebo, so I don't think they're that hostile. However, I've seen some sick, sadistic students impale those defenseless creatures using pens and bamboo skewers, and I just can't help but shed a few tears for their senseless deaths. With what I just did this afternoon, I just put myself in the league of those demented 'harmless giant ant'-killers.
As for cockroaches, I have totally different sentiments. The very thought of them...ugh--totally disgusting creatures. Baygon is my best friend.
Anyway, back to the afternoon's events. I met up with Cha at the Jacinto gate shortly after parting with Cleng. I originally intended to just give her the book I'd borrowed from her last semester, since I still had a quiz to study for. Instead, I ended up spending the rest of the activity period with her. We decided to just walk around the campus since every place we went to was swarming with students. I also showed her the 'hidden library' behind the chapel. The rest of the afternoon was spent talking about Donna's retreat, Sir Jess(whom we encountered as we were 'strolling') and how he looked dashing in his light yellow polo, Cha's embarrassing experience during BA day(where she was forced to strut on stage for a costume show), Cha's classmate in Philo104 who supposedly looks like Jun Matsumoto, my classmate in 'some' class who doesn't look like any popular actor I know--but still is 'hot' nevertheless, and a bunch of other stuff that didn't require much brain-flexing. Talking to a friend with just about anything is a nice way to a cap a stressful school week.
I must've gotten too carried away talking to Cha because I totally forgot to study for my Debate class. By the time I came back to my classroom, Atty. Cortado--our teacher--was already on his desk. Whoopsie. I did some quick reading and took the test; finished it and submitted my paper with a couple of blanks on some numbers. I don't think I failed though. And after that, I flagged a jeepney and went home.
Looking back at the days that have passed, I'd say this week just ravaged me with all the early-morning sleeping I did. I'm just glad I endured it without collapsing from exhaustion or getting seriously ill. Yes, I survived this week, and with only a huge zit in the middle of my forehead to show for it. Beat that.

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