Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dammit what is up with these "Word Verification" thingies??? I never seem to get them right at the first try!

Dili man siguro ko dyslexic noh!?! Huh? Huh?

Aw. Wala lang.


Sunday, March 25, 2007

blogger, interrupted

So there I was, jabbing away at the keyboard at a very unholy hour,happy that I've finally shaken off the 'blogging lethargy' that I'd been feeling for the past few days. I had this grrreat "comeback" post brewing, and the sentences were just spilling from my head straight down to the keyboard. Upbeat sunshine-y 50's jazz music was playing somewhere in my head, and if I wasn't typing I would have been wagging my finger in the air, doing a throaty "Rat-sa-sah!" ala Louie Armstrong.

Suddenly, the screen goes kaput and everything turns black.

Ugh. So now Davao Light is conspiring against me as well? Tsk. Sick!

It's a good thing I've recently discovered Mobile Blogging. But really, blogging with a handheld is so...not right. It feels as awkward as writing a long, serious social commentary on Grade 2 paper, using those big, hulking, foot-long jumbo pencils you had as a kid but never got to use (I bet it never entered your mind to buy an equally "plus-sized" sharpener, huh?).

And really,blogging with a stylus on a touch-screen keyboard is just a pure, uh, UN-joy ("It's an instrument of torture I tell you! Tortuuuure !!!");plus, it just can't catch up with my currently "hyper" train of thought.

Oh, and did I mention that the lights are on again? But I'm already up here in bed and a trip down the stairs+10 steps to the PC just seems sooo far. Don't argue with me:it just is. Period.

And so, dear reader, I advise you to have heart, and read this post slowly and leisurely, taking time to let each word roll off your tongue--COZ I JUST STRAINED 62 MAJOR MUSCLES ON MY RIGHT ARM TRYING TO TYPE EACH AND EVERY LETTER ON THIS {Bleep}-ING POST!!! GWARRRR!!!

Also, it might interest you to know that what might take you less than a minute to read actually took me until sunrise to compose. No sh*t. Scout's honor.

That being said(er,written), I hereby order you to read my post again, you ungrateful wretch!

Remember: slooowly, this time.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

pesteng yawa

Its times like these when I wish na naa untay extra na
bangag ang akong ilong. Back-up ba, kumbaga.

amazing. di ko katulog kay barado akong ilong. mag
alas-sais na lang sa buntag; nagtilaok na lang ang mga
lintik na mga gabanhang manok, ug nakahawa na para
mag-dyaging akong papa.

Gihiram nako ang Pau DArco ni papa kay desperado na
jud ko na makahinga(sulayi daw hinga gamit imong ba-ba
,try nato kung makatulog ba ka). Gipahid nako sa akong
dughan ug baga; walay epekto--medyo nihalang-halang
lang akong kamot ug mata.

Last-ditch effort: bu-bo ko gamay Pau sa kamot, dayon
nusnos sa ilong. Mhhhm,kahumot. Gitan-aw nako ang
label sa bote: PRECAUTION: Keep away from eyes and

oh, you mean to say bawal diay ni ipahid sa ilong?
haha, i know na ngano...
kay halang diay siya kaayo.

Im glad to say na makahinga na ko gamay(isa lang nako
ka-nostril ang operational sa karon). medyo nawala
lang ang feeling sa akong ilong--after the Pau
incident-pero oks lang.

Good Morning!

P.S. dili daw bad word ang Yawa kay pre-colonial
goddess man daw na siya, base sa komiks na nabasa nako

Yawa! Yawaaaa! Letseng Yawaaaa! ü

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Arguing in a vicious circle

"You can't say you don't have time to do something because you're busy. If you're busy, it means you always have time to do something more."

My classmate Faith, as heard from her professor.

In that case, just say "I didn't do it 'cause I'm a lazy bum," and hope you get extra points for plain honesty.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Out to Lunch

This might be the last entry you'll see in the coming weeks.

As you can see from my desk, I have a backlog of tasks I need to accomplish. Char.

O-ha! Asa ka ana?



RULES:"Each player of this game starts off with ten weird things or habits or little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged must write in a blog of their own ten weird things or habits or little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you must choose six people to be tagged and list their names. No tagbacks!"

1. I have 'restless legs syndrome.' I make "kuyakoy" when I'm sitting or lying in bed. I tap my foot and sway my knees to an almost uncontrollable degree.

2. I like to draw lips. When I don't have a pen in hand, I trace lip-shapes on any available flat surface (i.e., walls, tables, books)

3. I'm a sucker for "cheap thrills": I feel extremely happy going on '(street)food trips' (boiled corn, ginanggang, fishball, buko juice, ice buko, ice candy, dirty ice cream, P6 Bbq, taho...mmm...), buying ukay-ukay and 2nd hand books.

4. I like taking long walks of the city at night. My friend and I once walked from Victoria Plaza to NCCC Mall. We have no fear of rapists, holdapers, and snatchers.

5. I'm an 'old soul': I love watching black-and-white movies, listening to songs from the 30s to the 60s, and looking at black-and-white pictures. Leaves me feeling nostalgic and misty-eyed.

6. I talk to myself a lot--when I'm facing the mirror, before I go to sleep, when I'm all alone. By 'talking to myself,' I mean I just talk as if there were another person listening to me. It's not as bad as it sounds; I find it therapeutic, actually.

7. When I watch TV, I repeatedly open and close the remote control's battery cover.

8. I have my own "jeepney etiquette":
  • I'm uncomfortable announcing "Para" or "Lugar lang," so I usually hold on to my coins until it's time to disembark (I need it to tap the jeep's handlebar.)
  • I prefer sitting on the left side of the jeepney--whenever possible, I sit nearest the jeepney entrance/exit.
  • I give an extra tip to old drivers and those who follow road rules. I hold out 1 peso for drivers who play loud music, pick-up/let off passengers in the middle of the road, and have "bugoy-bugoy" barkers.
  • I hate getting on crowded jeepneys. I can endure waiting on the road for 30 minutes just as long as I find a jeepney that'll have enough seating space for six persons.
9. I'm a frustrated astronomer. I like looking at picture books on the universe; also, I am fascinated by the night sky. I often dream about seeing galaxies and nebulae up close in the sky---huwaaaw...

10. Greeting people is a very big issue for me. I panic when I'm about to cross paths with former classmates, teachers, and not-so-close acquaintances; I'm always in a conondrum as to whether I should greet them or not. My feelings are easily wounded when I greet someone and get 'chap'-ed in return, that's why I'd rather not greet people at all.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2007


"Where are my friends?"

Ely Buendia's alleged lament, a few days before his heart attack.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007


I exercise an excess of carefulness--in writing, speaking, or blogging. Carefulness, which can be translated to a form of paranoia. In blogging, especially, I am most careful with the entries I post. I fear that someone I know might stumble upon this blog and find that I am the total opposite of the image I project. That I harbor these sentiments. That I think this way.

Type, erase. Type, Ctrl+A, delete. Edit. Insert new topic. Sanitize text, fill with euphimism and veneer. Filter and release. I blog like this. Ugh, I know, it's sickening. I'm sick.

I do not understand. Where is this text leading to? The voice inside my head--that invisible author--what does it want to me to write?

I need honesty. More honesty. Less pretentiousness. More spontaneity. Openness. Beautiful.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Screenplay sample no. 1

Adobobo is in bed, lying on side, asleep. Half-awake--leisurely extends legs.
Zoom in on face: eyes suddenly wide open; face is contorted in extreme pain.
Zoom out: right leg appears straight stiff, toes are grotesquely spread apart. Adobobo clutches at right leg with hand.

Goes back to sleep. Face still wrinkled in pain, continues to murmur invectives.


Prof Agustin(60+, with hair dyed black) in front. Five other students are inside room: Adobobo, Zion-Ja(19, m), Zinfandel(19,f ), Alloysius(19,f), and Pavlov(19,m)

Zion-Ja is tinkering with Adobobo's PDA. Adobobo is seated behind Zinfandel, who is seated to the right of Zion-Ja.
Halaaa, ka-cute!
Adobobo turns head toward Zion-Ja. Tilts head to see what Zion-Ja is looking at--narrows eyes and senses something looks suspicious. Quietly sneaks up behind Zion-Ja to take a closer look.
Zoom-in on face: Adobobo's eyes widen.
Zoom-in on Zion-Ja's hand holding PDA: a cute close-up of Adobobo on the screen.
Adobobo, almost acting on reflex, shoves Zion-Ja from behind. Zion-Ja almost coughs up his lungs from the impact.
youuuu!!! WAAAAAH!!
Zoom-in on Zion-Ja's desk: a mad scramble of hands. Adobobo's hand claws on PDA. Struggle is over in a matter of 3 nanoseconds. Adobobo clambers back to seat, continues whining and shooting sharp glances at Zion-Ja. Face is as red as a beet. Prof Agustin, Pavlov and Alloysius are alerted.
Ay...Naa'y secreeet...
Adobobo covering face, uncovers face only to shoot puzzled glance at Prof Agustin. Adobobo cannot react properly. Room is too noisy; Alloysius and Pavlov are confused and are demanding to know what just transpired, Prof Agustin keeps repeating "naay secreeet...", Zion-Ja is laughing hysterically and trying to mask the shock of being silently attacked from behind. Adobobo is almost on the verge of hyperventilating.
Ay, tungod siguro ni sa iyang admirer sa Business Writing no??
Alloysius is clearly off the topic. Begins to relate to class how Adobobo's alleged admirer keeps on asking her stupid questions. Prof Agustin, a born kibitzer, listens intently.
Kunwari Sir, muingon tong among teacher na,
"Get one-fourth sheet of paper," mangutana pa jud
to siya balik kay Adobobo ug, "Ha? Unsa daw? One-fourth daw ang kuhaon?"
Adobobo: feeling ang haba ng hair! But keeps up an act of modesty and nonchalance.
Wala Sir oy! Nangimbento lang gud na'g storya si Alloysius Sir!!!
Zion-Ja looks at Adobobo
Adobobo exchanges glances with Zion-Ja. At this point, Adobobo is utterly disoriented from embarassment and lord-knows-what-else. Exits room in Sisa-fashion: fingers running wildly through hair, dribbling, and zig-zagging across the path.
Adobobo continues to make suray-suray along the path. Finally, Adobobo stumbles on a huge blue dram labelled 'Non-Biodegradable.' Adobobo collapses against the dram, hugs it and sobs uncontrollably.
Looooord! Give me a loverrrrr!!!

Saturday, March 3, 2007

mobile postale

Just trying out Bloggers Moblog (mobile blog) from my
PDA. Have to keep this short; blogging with a stylus
is such a drag.