Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Last Piece

I've been putting off writing my farewell post so long that I assume you may have thought I changed my mind on my plan to close this down for good.

Not at all. The plan still stands. Actually, what's been keeping me preoccupied these past few months was thinking how I should orchestrate my blog's "funeral."

On one hand, I was thinking of deleting one post every day until nothing remained but this one. Just for dramatics. But it was too heart-wrenching a task. Just like a mother commiting infanticide on one of her own.

I figure one of the reasons I conceived (no pun intended) the idea was the irreconcilable thought of leaving my thoughts floating in cyberspace, to quite possibly even outlive me. It leaves me cold to think that ten, thirty, fifty years from now, my juvenile and reckless ramblings and whinings (given that I've failed grandly at anonymity of authorship) might still be on full view for everyone---including my boss, constituents, subordinates, life partner, children, grandchildren, and worse, my mother---to read and heap ridicule on.

But, you know, whatever. Yes, I might have come up with the corniest, sappiest dirges this side of the (just let me use it this one last time) blogosphere, but I couldn't care less. The only consolation I can find is that I think I was at least honest when I wrote them. There I go with the dramatics again.

Another thing on my mind was the farewell speech---or the eulogy, in keeping with the theme. I wanted this last one to be as dramatic (I have to find another word for this one) and as eloquent (there) as possible, as would befit the occassion.

Oh, but now I just want for this to be over and done with. I've given up on dramatics and eloquence. The perfect farewell note just cannot be had, and all that remains is for this one to be written.

And now it has, well, I guess this is it. Whooh. Happy Independence Day to me.

This is my final time writing as Adobobo. It's been fun. Thank you.


A random afterthought: It would be so sad if, after all the drama that went into composing this, the first comment that appears happens to be a spam from someone selling Viagra. Ayaw ra pud unta, hehe.