Saturday, November 15, 2008

The good news is . . .

I finally landed a job. The bad news is, I don't have time to blog anymore. Ahuhuh.

Myeh. Not really. I'm just having what they call a creative dry spell, I guess. You'd think I'd have prepared a ten-page account of my life these past few months. But on the contrary, I don't really miss blogging at all. Doesn't help that I live in the hinterlands of the city, and the nearest internet cafe is two jeepney rides away. Okay, I exaggerate. Actually that's one habal-habal and a jeepney ride away.

There's nothing much to tell about my life now, actually. Okay. One, I live here in Cebu. Two, jeepney conductors give me a blank look when I ask for my "kambyo." Three, I try to stifle a giggle when people say "kupot" (because for some inane reason, I just find it so funny).

The past--wait, let me remove my fingers from the keyboard because I just can't, for the life of me, do mental counting--three months were an adventure. And I can say that I have become a stronger person because of Cebu. Yes, a lot of firsts happened here. It was here that I killed my first cockroach (and the next few hundred, courtesy of Baygon), had my first habal-habal ride, and had my first unplanned excursion to another city (courtesy of Cebu's befuddling jeepney route designation, which I think involves all letters from A to Z attached to numbers from one to infinity). Thankfully, I have yet to experience my first stickup. Simbako palayo.

As for my employment status, I am not prepared to divulge details as yet. Let's just say the kind of work I do thrives on paranoia, deadlines, F7, and the correct assignment of punctuation. And yes, according to The Chicago Manual of Style, an ellipsis point is three spaced periods . . .

*Netopia guy announces "Last ten minutes"*

, but it's not so bad here. Thanks to my company and my probationary status, I think I'll even spend my first Christmas here. Fun.

Okay, my ten minutes is up.