Sunday, March 25, 2007

blogger, interrupted

So there I was, jabbing away at the keyboard at a very unholy hour,happy that I've finally shaken off the 'blogging lethargy' that I'd been feeling for the past few days. I had this grrreat "comeback" post brewing, and the sentences were just spilling from my head straight down to the keyboard. Upbeat sunshine-y 50's jazz music was playing somewhere in my head, and if I wasn't typing I would have been wagging my finger in the air, doing a throaty "Rat-sa-sah!" ala Louie Armstrong.

Suddenly, the screen goes kaput and everything turns black.

Ugh. So now Davao Light is conspiring against me as well? Tsk. Sick!

It's a good thing I've recently discovered Mobile Blogging. But really, blogging with a handheld is so...not right. It feels as awkward as writing a long, serious social commentary on Grade 2 paper, using those big, hulking, foot-long jumbo pencils you had as a kid but never got to use (I bet it never entered your mind to buy an equally "plus-sized" sharpener, huh?).

And really,blogging with a stylus on a touch-screen keyboard is just a pure, uh, UN-joy ("It's an instrument of torture I tell you! Tortuuuure !!!");plus, it just can't catch up with my currently "hyper" train of thought.

Oh, and did I mention that the lights are on again? But I'm already up here in bed and a trip down the stairs+10 steps to the PC just seems sooo far. Don't argue with me:it just is. Period.

And so, dear reader, I advise you to have heart, and read this post slowly and leisurely, taking time to let each word roll off your tongue--COZ I JUST STRAINED 62 MAJOR MUSCLES ON MY RIGHT ARM TRYING TO TYPE EACH AND EVERY LETTER ON THIS {Bleep}-ING POST!!! GWARRRR!!!

Also, it might interest you to know that what might take you less than a minute to read actually took me until sunrise to compose. No sh*t. Scout's honor.

That being said(er,written), I hereby order you to read my post again, you ungrateful wretch!

Remember: slooowly, this time.