Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Pish Tosh.

Water, is taught by thirst
Emily Dickinson

Water, is taught by thirst.
Land--by the Oceans passed
Transport--by throe--
Peace--by its battles told--
Love, by Memorial Mold--
Birds, by the Snow.
"Today is a good day to feel stupid."
(2007, written on back page of notebook)

I went to school today, but I didn't attend a single class. Instead, I just bummed around; I stayed at the gazebo --and sat and yawned and OD'd on the fumes of a marker used by a girl who sat next to me--for three hours, and I read a poem--over and over again--until I had memorized the entire animal.

What is a Memorial Mold???

I had no idea. All I could think of was bread--and mold. And so I went home feeling like I had wasted a bath. I should have just stayed home and slept.
My head has been feeling strangely empty since yesterday. But yesterday was better; I felt like my head was full of nitrous oxide--laughing gas--and so I did nothing but laugh. I laughed after leading the class to prayer, I laughed all throughout Business Writing class, and I laughed at our dog when I clapped my hand and startled it awake. Ahahaha.
Now, I just feel dull. Burned-out. Aaaugh.
"Where is my mind? Where is my mind? Wheeere is my mind? "
--The Pixies, Where is my Mind?