Saturday, February 10, 2007

What thoughts may come at 3:00 AM

I should be ashamed. I promised my editor-in-chief that I'd send in my articles before the start of exams. The exam days have gone by, and I have yet to accomplish 1/2 of my writing homework.

There is no end to the shame I must feel. Sir Don reminded our Poetry class a good few times that we should submit our papers on time. 75% of the class, including moi, was not around (and was still in front of the PC speed-typing our analyses) when Sir Don came to class this afternoon to collect our papers.


Anyhoo, I am already quite heavy-eyed. It never ceases to dumbfound me how I can spend fruitless hours sitting through long posts without a tinge of guilt, knowing that I have loads of paperwork to write. Even in the midst of exams and deadlines, I still find a way to prioritize senseless pursuits--if only to delay the work at hand. I remember one time, when I was in second year, I spent the night before the final exams reading Banana Yoshimoto's Kitchen from start to finish. I do not remember how I fared in my exams then; perhaps the repercussions of that spontaneous decision to do some marathon-reading is the reason I am no longer an aspiring Med student, and instead, an aimless writer-wannabe.

Nevertheless, here I am, minding my post at 3:13 in the morning, when I should be getting much-needed sleep after subjecting myself to a week of sleep-deprivation. "Learning from countless mistakes the past" is a non-existent concept to me.

Okay, seriously though, I should go to sleep.


Sigh. Why is it that some great bloggers take too long to update their blogs? This is inhuman, making me wait for almost a month, coming to your site and seeing the same date and the same by-now-already-sickening title. Come on man, get off your lazy bum and start writing magnificent drivel already!