Saturday, December 16, 2006

Covert Ops

I am all alone inside my house; no maids, no parents, no brothers. Just me--and the dogs barking outside. Save for the christmas lights outside blinking blue, red, and green, the house is cloaked in darkness.

I keep the noise on my keyboard to a minimum--typing very slowly to dull out the clack-clack-clack on the keys. I have bordered the window with my bath towel to prevent the light from my computer screen to filter outside. I'm so careful I'm not even breathing properly...

These carolers are vicious. They come in droves--one group every two minutes or so. I have begun to wonder if there is some conspiracy or scheme involved here. Perhaps these kids all belong to one organized unit. They divide themselves into smaller groups to extract as much spare change from the villagers as possible. Perhaps they even scramble members from time to time to ensure that they can still come back the next minute without being found out.

I will not be fooled.

My brother called me on my mobile a few minutes ago. He told me there was a shoe sale at Converse in Cebu, where he is currently working(in Cebu, not at Converse). He asked me if I wanted to have some Chuck Taylors; if I do, "Tell Mama to send me some money, so I can buy something for you--and for me too."

Whoah. My brother really has become a changed man. When he was here, all he did was sleep and throw tantrums when I would make too much noise and wake him up. Always grumbling and complaining--very grumpy indeed. He almost always seemed to be in a perpetual hung-over/bad mood. Also, there always existed a sort of friction between him and Papa; whenever the two of them interacted, it seemed like I always needed to hold my breath, since Papa's so irritable and Chino's always had this penchant for challenging his authority and testing his patience. But now that he's away, I think he has come to realize the importance of family.

Pfft--Ha ha ha! I can't help it, it just sounds so corny!!! Hilarious. Hwaaahaha!

But really, I'm glad that he seems happier and more grateful now. I viewed his friendster profile, and I think it's safe to conclude that he's found some form of direction for his life.

In short: Pwede na siyang mag-asawa. Char lang!