Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Yes, a butt-load.

Oh Gaaaad. I feel like a huge butt-load has been lifted off my chest. How heavy is a "butt-load", you ask? I don't know. Just felt like modifying my idioms. Metaphors. Whachever.

Anyhoo, what am I talking about? Y'see I'm supposed to submit a feature article on Thursday(so that's like a day and a half from now). Yeah yeah I just remembered--I already wrote about this on my previous post. So, to cut the story short I already have a subject!!! Hweeeh!!!

I owe a bajillion thanks to banana/s... Ooh yeah, real Godsend. God really is good! Yesh, that's how happy I am!

Apart from that, nothing of notable importance happened today, or in the past two days. As a matter of fact, I actually just made like a rock yesterday: didn't talk much, didn't move--didn't even do a good job breathing. That's how worried I was that I still wasn't able to find a subject to interview. Interview--how I loathe that word. Abhor! I smush my booger at it! (Okay I don't know what I ate today that's making me type really crazy-and-stupid-like) I really don't like engaging in interpersonal activities. However, in as much as I hate interviewing, I'm actually glad that I got banana/s as my subject. The best part is, he asked me to just e-mail him my questions instead!!! Whooptidoo! Less stress for me!

--Whoah I just felt my seat move. It's an earthquake y'all! Okay--looking out the window--no one's scampering outside. I'll go on typing then.

Okay, where was I? Oh yeah, I think that's all!


Could the taba ng talangka I ate tonight be the reason for my erratic typing? I highly doubt it, since I did not eat the taba ng talangka. Ignoramus that I was, I thought that it was some sort of crab poo or bile juju or something, so I wiped it off the meat.

I'm really hungry. Eating that fat crab didn't satisfy me at all. I think I must've spent 45 minutes cracking the shell open, and picking at the meat with the other end of my fork. After I was done gathering the meat, my rice was already too cold to consume.

An added bonus: while I was washing the langsa off my hands, I felt a prickly sensation on my index finger. I had unknowingly injured myself, perhaps while I was battling with the crab's pincers and spiny legs. I was so engrossed eating that I hadn't even noticed that I was already losing precious blood! And to think that I was even licking my fingers contentedly...

Have I grossed you out enough already?

Anyway, it just reminded me of that anecdote, on how Eskimos kill Polar Bears using just a spear smeared with blood. Bwahaha. Hilarious.