Friday, December 1, 2006

I'm just no good with titles. I won't even try this time.

Hmmm...I do not recall much of this day. Why is that? I woke up to lovely weather around 7:00; slept a bit more, and officially got out from bed at 8:15. Mama left for Cebu earlier this morning, which means I have to tend to our humble little karinderya for the three days and nights she will be away.

Anyway, our maid(who also works at the karinderya part-time) has informed me that I have an admirer who has been pestering her for my number the past couple of days. Shit! Anyway, what can I say about him? I do not know anything about this animal, except that he hangs out with the drunks at the Debate Society, and he probably saw me that Saturday night when I was tending the cash register and they were, as usual, drinking Red Horse. Other than that, I really don't know anything about him at all. I just find it disturbing how this guy knows my course. What, has he been trailing me around campus secretly? The creep!

I do not want to be a snob and a cynic; I admit, it is flattering to have someone express interest in you. However, I find the whole thing creepy and gross. Ptui.

Anyhoo, during Features class, Sir Don again reminded me about my 'Neruda' tribute--he wants me to create a title for it. As of now, I still haven't come up with a title; anyway I've got until Monday to come up with one. I don't know about you, but I think coming up with a title is more difficult than composing the poem.

After Features class, I then went on to Discourse Analysis with Sir Mac Tiu. Discourse Analysis? Hah! I think it's Davao History 101 masquerading as a Discourse Analysis class! Can't blame Sir Mac; after all, tracing Davao's history is his current--perhaps life-long-- passion. Not that I'm complaining--I am also quite interested in our own history. And being with Sir Mac has just made me realize that I know next to nothing about Davao and its past. I mean who knows anything about Claveria, Uyanguren, or Datu Bago--aside from their association as street names? Huh, huh? Stumped you, didn't I?

***Another episode of digression:***
I have always wondered why our schools never teach us anything about our own city's history. It's always about Rizal, Bonifacio, Tamblot, GomBurZa, Silang, Dagohoy--but never about Davao's villains and heroes! In college, I even learned about Chiang Kai Shek, Aurangzeb(cool name by the way...Aurangzeb), the Aryans and the Dravidians, the Sumerians, Kublai Khan, the Manchurians, Emperor Hirohito, Akihito, Naruhito, and even more world personalities that I could care less about! Where do we, DavaoeƱos, figure in all of this?

I think one reason we don't bother educating students about their own history is because they're already expected to have some knowledge about it--at home perhaps, or from Lolo and Lola, or the talkative Tito Boy or Tita Baby. However, the sad fact is, even our own parents know zilch about Davao. It's pretty much the same case with the Cebuano or Visayan dialect; we don't teach it in school because it is assumed that we've already learned it from home. The result of which is that many young DavaoeƱos' vocabulary are deficient and inadequate--hence, the use of the multi-purpose "kuan" and the resorting to 'Davao Tagalog'.

***Whew! Heavy stuff! End of digression***

Okay, where was I? Oh yeah, Discourse Analysis. Oh yeah(part 2), before DA class started, I--along with Faith and Paolo-- was able to talk to Ate Neil and Kuya Jason. Actually, it's more like they talked, and we just listened. See they were letting off steam about Ate Vera, the third English major in fourth year who, according to Kuya Jason, has "attitude problems". I don't really want to elaborate; all I know is that they want to kick her off their thesis team-up, but they can't at the moment, so they just have to put up with her until they graduate. I just wrote about it because I'm glad that somehow we, Juniors and Seniors, seem to be getting along just peachy. Oh, such kind and open people.

So after Discourse, my stomach was growling in protest. With only roughly 30 minutes of break time left(before the start of Business Writing class), I decided to just grab a quick filler of Meat bread and Sprite at the food court(for a grand total of P22.00). The meat bread, at P10.00, was a disappointment. There was not enough meat, no eggs (which made me miss Miami Foods' version of MEATbread), all yeast and air. I think the more appropriate term should be meat BREAD.

After BizWriting, I had to wait an hour and a half more for my 4:10 Philo class, for which I was going to have a quiz. Sir Nice was 30++ minutes late. He came in with his iPod Video, earphones in his ears, and didn't even apologize for wasting half an hour of my life. Ugh, lawyers are just so arrogant sometimes. So he gave us another one of those nosebleed-inducing questions, which I'm sure I'm going to get another 65-68 score for. I decided to exact my own little form of revenge by taking my own sweet time answering my essay--again. And so, once again, I was the last to hand in my paper.
Started my first evening duty for the rest of the week at Chino's and, having nothing else to do, wasted an otherwise-productive night sitting around and watching Deal or No Deal. Saw an interesting sight, which somehow made my night(hey, that rhymes!): three harmless-looking middle-aged men, all looking well-to-do(just your regular bored daddies getting together on the eve of a non-working holiday), drinking SMB Light-- and having Hany for their pulutan. Yea, you read right: Hany, as in Annie's Hany, the Choc-Nut clone. I could only shake my head.