Monday, December 4, 2006

Moody and Snooty-patooty

Background: This is another one of those silly Japanese game shows.

The Premise: Somewhat like a game of consequence. The participants draw cards on a table. Whoever gets the card with the "skull-and-bones" symbol gets to suffer the penalty, as indicated on their penalty chart. Sample penalties include(as can be seen on the video): 'The Wasabi Roll', 'Slapping Machine', and 'Old Man Bites Tenderly'--I'll leave it to you to find out what this penalty looks(and feels) like.

The catch: This game show is set inside a "real" library, so the participants have to be real quiet while enduring the consequences.

Just a quick reminder: You are not inside a library. Don't get carried away with the "shushing". Feel free to laugh as hard as you want--maybe slap a knee or two.

I don't understand why I'm so moody tonight. I think the only time I laughed today was when I saw this video. A few hours ago, during dinner time, I was such in a badtrip mode because our househelp made me another one of her pork and beans with a whole slew of pork, onions, and garlic thrown in. As you may not know, I only eat the "beans" in Pork and Beans. Garlic also makes me gag. And so, since I was miffed at her and all, I hid her left slipper under the gas range. I was being moody
and mean. And snooty too.

***Earlier that day***

Having had nothing else to do, I spent the entire activity period alone inside a dark C504. I propped my befoot-socked feet on a chair, and I just sat in the dark whilst I listened to music from my mobile. I would've wanted to sing along, but I was afraid some sneaky guard in school uniform might suddenly take a look inside.

When Pam came in, I pretended to take a nap--hanky covering face, chin on hand, occassionally dipping my head for effect. But try as I could, I just could not sleep! Blast it! This insomnia would never have occured if I was inside the library(or during Mgt215)! So then ate Neil came in (with me still feigning sleep at the back of the room), then kuya Jason--until finally an hour and a half passed by with my eyes closed but mind still ultra-friggin-active.

I couldn't take it anymore; my back was killing me and my legs had slept on me(lucky bastards). I got up from my chair and went outside to freshen up for class.

Fifteen minutes after the start of Debate and Argumentation class, I finally felt the pangs of drowsiness kicking-in. Unfortunately, I couldn't bear to sleep since no one had asked Atty. Cortado for his policy on sleeping at our first meeting; I was afraid(why am I always afraid?) he might suddenly flare up and send me out. Suffice it to say I felt like dying while I fought to keep my eyes open for the next 45 minutes.

This(sleep deprivation) may have been the reason why I was so irritable and grumpy the entire evening.