Saturday, December 16, 2006

A toast: To the end of school, and the beginning of Christmas break... NOT!

I'm finished with all my exams. I should have made that period into three exclamation points, but I am in no mood to celebrate the start of christmas break yet. I've got an article due next week (I love how that makes me sound like a professional working woman, ha ha!), and more projects waiting for me at the start of classes. How about that?

I don't think I can properly pig out at Christmas and new year with thoughts of homework, projects, and reports bombarding my mind. It is decided then: I must iron-out these pressing (is a "pun intended" in order here?) academic matters before Christmas. Okay, I know I have a bad record when it comes to setting goals--and actually accomplishing them--so I'm keeping my fingers crossed real hard that I will not shirk from my commitments. (alter idem: "You willfull shirker!")

I came to school at 5:50 and was showered with a wide array of chocolate confectionery from my kind and generous classmates. How I hate it that they ganged up on me like this! Now I just feel all Scrooge-esque and un-thoughtful. Bah--oh nevermind, how corny. Well, I was supposed to give them a box of Go Nuts, but gluttony got the best of me and I ended up eating the two boxes. Yes, this must be karma bestowing upon me a well-deserved bout of guilt trip.

I blanked out at certain bits of the exam, but nothing so major as to merit a failing mark. After the exam, I decided to reward myself for a job "mediocredly-done" by watching Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. High five?

Karma must've been on a roll, 'cause I happened to sit through Borat in a very bad environment. The people who were with me inside the theatre were silence personified. I don't know what crawled up their butts and made them decide to watch Borat, 'cause they certainly weren't twitching their zygomaticus one whit. It's a shame; Borat was such a good movie, but the totally dead reaction from my fellow audiences just totally ruined the film-watching experience for me.

There was this guy behind me, though, who probably thought he was so artsy-fartsy British with that dignified "A-HAH hah hah hah...Hilarious!" expression he did all throughout the duration of the movie. By the 15th "Hilarious!"(followed by mock slapping of knee) I was sooo ready to shoot an unpopped popcorn kernel down his throat, if only to induce a choking episode and make the abso*blooming*lutely annoying chap shut up.

I clambered outside the theatre while the closing credits were rolling (and the Kazakhstan national anthem was playing), feeling slightly light-headed (from having restrained myself too many times while laughing, so as not to disturb the unconscious and making out), but sorely relieved to have escaped the presence of so many anal-retentives.