Sunday, December 17, 2006

Honey and Clover,

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Honey and Clover's first season is going to end its run on Animax next week. How sad. I've grown quite attached to this series (especially the characters), since it started airing on Animax in August.

For the benefit of the unfamiliar, H&C revolves around a group of college art school students. The series delves into issues on friendship, unrecquitted love, self-discovery, and the uncertainty that plagues every college student when he begins to think about his future. Some of you might think that the show's premise seems very cliche, but believe me, Honey and Clover offers a very fresh and realistic perspective to all these matters.

Over-all, Honey and Clover is a warm, earthy and refreshing mix of humor, romance, friendship and a bunch of other stuff that we all can certainly relate to. I'm not doing a very good job at convincing you, am I?

Thank God for YouTube.

The opening theme's really beautiful, isn't it? I don't know about you, but the first few times I listened to it, tears welled up in my eyes and tingly sensations spread across my brain to my face (plus the 'Food'-esque claymation is really good, ay?). The song's called "Dramatic" by Yuki. If I'm not mistaken she's 1/2 of Judy and Mary, which also sang one of the opening themes to Rurouni Kenshin. The full version of the song is also available for viewing on YouTube.

I guess--no, wait, I'm certain-- one of the reasons why I love H&C so much is--apart from the flawless animation and the "hits-close-to-home" storyline-- the excellent soundtrack. Every song included in Honey and Clover is guaranteed ear candy--from the opening theme to the episodes' insert songs to the closing theme. It might interest you to know that the show's title is culled from the albums of Spitz("Honey") and Suga Shikao("Clover"), which explains why a lot of these two's songs figure prominently throughout the series.

Here's the first season H&C's first closing theme, "Waltz," by Suneohair.
Akanai mabuta kosutte mieru(I rub my closed eyes and I can see )
Pasuteru moyou no mirai ni(The pastel pattern of the future )
Chiribamerareta kigou wo tadoru(Following the inlaid code)
Taguriyoseta hyoujou(I reel in and gather up your expressions)
Nee, nan dakke sagashiteita mono( Hey, what was it we were searching for? )
Are wa, sou ne itsu dakke(That was, yeah, when was it?)
Bokura ga inryoku ni sakarai nagara deatta koro( When we met, unable to resist the pull of gravity)
Sore wa warutsu no you da ne fushigisa( It's like a waltz, so strange)
Sasayaku you na komorebi no kousaten de( At the crossroads where the light whispers through the trees)
Futari warutsu no you ni ne mawarinagara(We whirl along like a waltz )
Egakidashite yuku mono(Drawing something )
Atatamesugita omoi wo zembu(I spit out my overwarmed memories )
Hakidashite mieru randosukeepu(And see them in a landscape )
Hantoshi ijou kusuburaseteru(This image has been niggling at me for over six months )
Imeeji ni hi wo toboshite(I like its fire )
Nan dakke nakushite shimatta mono(What was it we didn't want to lose? )
Sore de mo iin datte(It doesn't matter)
Bokura no inryoku de hikiai motomeau no darou(Our gravity will draw us together as we long for each other)
Sore wa warutsu no you da ne shitekisa( It's just like a waltz, so wonderful )
Tsubuyaku you na saezuri kikinagara(Listening to the murmured chirping )
Marude warutsu no you ni ne futari ga(It's just like a waltz, the way we whirl along )
Egakidashite yuku mono(Drawing something )
toboketa genjitsu mo genshoku de nurikaete shimae(Repaint the feigned innocence of reality with primary colors )
Hikiyosete ageru kara nee(I'll pull you in, so hey )
Soko kara odoritsudzukeyou(Let's keep dancing from there)
Futari dake no warutsu(In our own waltz )
Sore wa warutsu no you da ne fushigisa(It's like a waltz, so strange )
Sasayaku you na komorebi no kousaten de(At the crossroads where the light whispers through the trees )
Futari warutsu no you ni ne mawarinagara(We whirl along like a waltz )
Egakidashite yuku mono(Drawing something )

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