Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I really have nothing good to blog about. It's just that this 'election' post is already way past its expiry date, and I think I should replace it before it grows molds.

I think I'll just leave you all with a song from Mike Patton, ex-lead singer of Faith No More. I only know one song from FNM--and that wasn't even an original. It was a rehash of The Commodores' (a.k.a Lionel Richie's Motown band) "Easy". Faith No More's MTV for Easy featured Mike and band lounging around with cross-dressers. Nothing says "easy like Sunday morning" more than a heavy metal band lounging around with cross-dressers.

Mike's a very interesting man. I like him. He's way up there in my book with Chris Cornell and, uh...Chris Cornell.

And now that Faith No More is, well, no more, Mike Patton has gone on to become Peeping Tom. He released a strictly-collaboration album in 2006, working with the likes of Massive Attack, a bunch of artists I don't know, and--Bebel Gilberto!!!

Bebel Gilberto!?

And so here is a cut from his self-titled album. And I think you should listen to it before reading further, 'cause you don't want to be a spoiler.

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Yeah, that's Mike Patton back there with the Plasticman vocals. And that foul-mouthed femme fatale is Norah Jones.

I can just imagine surprised NJ purists spitting their lattes across the monitor.