Thursday, April 19, 2007

Mercury Rising

I don't think I've ever experienced a summer this hellishly unbearable. Commuting in this weather,coupled with the heavy traffic generated by the collapse of Generoso Bridge 1,has evolved into a test of one's patience, physical& mental endurance, and the effectivity of one's antiperspirant & deodorant.

A friend told me to expect hotter weather until May. Yay. This can only mean more sauna sessions in jeepneys packed with sweaty-armed and occasionally funky-smelling passengers.

Ah but it rained tonight.

And there's just something so liberating about playing & taking a shower in the rain. Especially if it's been over 11 years since you've given the pre-pubescent activity a rest.

But who knows? This might be the last good rain in a couple of months. And the sun might explode tomorrow. Kiver was thus thrown to the wind.

Thereafter I did one thing I've never done even in my adventurous childhood days: I climbed to the rooftop and lay down, my face to the sky as it rained endlessly on me. And the sound of raindrops drumming on corrugated steel sheets drowned all thoughts of summer classes, workshop entries, feature articles, May 14, and Pompet/Pi; for a moment I forgot everything and just relished in sheer child-like happiness. XD