Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I Lost my Summer

I'm never one of those people who look forward to the start of classes. The only consolation I find in coming to class is the allowance, the library, and the boys. Or the girls. No, definitely the boys.

And now I'm back to class again. 'Takte!

This summer I'm taking two Philosophy classes: one on Religion, the other on being Human. Philo 106 is okay. The instructor just graduated barely a month ago, and he keeps telling the class, "Relax lang mo, relax lang ta diri sa Philo." Which is probably his way of saying:

1. "Please don't expect to learn too much from me 'cause I just graduated, and now I'm here and I'm sweating too much and you all scare the sh*t out of me."

2. "Im your friend. Please like me please like me please like me."

We're a big class (a block section of Education majors+a few dozen mixed in), and I know a few of the people in front. I saw my two classmates from my BS Bio days, and the English Education majors I met from my Linguistics class, and TY, someone I knew from grade school, and who I remember still owes me money.

In the afternoon, I have Philo 104. The instructor somewhat reminds me of Mr. Clean or Bembol Roco. He scares me because he's very keen on Punctuality and Attendance, which means he'll never miss a single class from this day until May 19. And he doesn't know how to speak Bisaya.

Mr. Clean grilled me this afternoon, all because he asked me if I find Philo relevant in my course, and I flat-out said NO. I don't know why I said it; probably because everyone else was saying "Yes Sir, it's relevant in my course 'cause I'm dealing with humans and this subject is about Being Human so ooga booga", and I just wanted to ruffle some feathers. ("You sissies.") Plus I thought he was waiting for someone to say otherwise 'cause he wanted to prove a point. And he did. And he didn't give me a moment of rest for the duration of the class, directing a whole barrage of dizzying philosophical inquiries at me which made me wish I had said "Yes" instead. Me sissy.


I haven't begun work on my 3rd and final Sarangani draft. Perhaps I'm just waiting for my Editor to SMS me with "Where are your articles? I need them tomorrow," which will electroshock my creative juju to panic mode, which shall render me invincible and capable of coming up with articles within 24 hours.

Also, I still have to come up with an article for Sir Don's Album launch. Huhu, this is bad, I don't know how to go about the article, especially since I wasn't at the album launch. And I hate interviewing. Damn damn damn!

Plus I still have my crochet project to work on. Oh man, I want to get my hands so badly on a yarn and a crochet hook and crochet all my rage away!!!

In moments like these, I always fall back on Nike's slogan.