Saturday, June 28, 2008

I Take it Back

I'm staying after all.

Gah, to think that my little "farewell speech" even got published in a daily. But what the heck; everyone has to eat their words some time. Now's my turn.

Anyhoo, I just had the couple of weeks to think things through. And I just realized: I was so naive to think I could just come to the Big City and expect to land that dream job with absolutely no experience to back me up. As for my friend, she's already in Makati. I'm guessing she's either too busy to answer my emails, or maybe she's giving me the silent treatment for reneging on my promise. *sigh*

But anyway, that's it; I'm staying. I still can't say if it's for good. All I know right now is I'll make the most of my time here. And that means gathering up as much relevant work experience as I can and, well, spending more good times with friends and family. Gosh, it feels so good reading this on the monitor. I wish I can stay this sunny and optimistic forever, haha!

Okay, I've got to split. I've baptized this time in my life as my "Year of Living Productively" (ooh, how ambitious).

But before I get started, I'll have to get my NBI clearance first.

To infinity and beyond!