Monday, June 9, 2008


Writing resumes is scary. I wish I'd kept a copy of the resume I wrote for Business Writing class in third year, which only took me less than 5 minutes to complete. I guess it's much easier writing one when you aren't really looking for a job. Right now, I think I'm too modest to write an effective cover letter. Oh meeehn.

*insert three dashes to indicate break in storyline*

A friend invited me come with her to work in Manila. Problem is, my father won't hear anything of it. She's leaving on Wednesday, and she desperately wants me to come so we can be roomies. I, meanwhile, am seriously considering applying for a call center within the week so that I can finally get started on my career path, and also give Papa the message that I am hell-bent on leaving home to get a job. Not that I'm leaving to spite him; I'm doing this for myself, 'cause I don't want to be a drain on my parents' finances forever. Plus I just find the idea of doing my own laundry, cooking my own food and burning triangular shapes on my slacks oh so exciting. But demmit it's so hard to make him understand!!! Hrrr! Tsk, bummer. Eh, whatever. Whether he allows it or not, I'm leaving. But I do hope there's a happy ending to this dilemma--I really don't want the drama of being sent off at the airport sans father 'cause he doesn't agree with my decision.

Really, I'm so upset I can't stop "tsk"-ing!