Thursday, April 24, 2008

Birthday Shmirthday.

So yesterday was my birthday, and today it has been 36 hours and 32 minutes since I turned 21. Nothing special about it; just wanted to blog to mark the occasion. But really, for all the hype I used to heap on birthdays as a kid, yesterday's celebration was pretty dismal. No parties, no cakes, candles. Just dinner with the family and some relatives, and to which I even managed to come late.

Then the bill arrived, and that was that.

It's been more than a month since graduation, and Lord help me I'm still not doing anything with my life. I feel like my brain muscles are slowly starting to atrophy from disuse. So right now, I'm jumping at every invitation thrown my way, just so I'll have an excuse to not spend another morning, afternoon, and evening inside the house. So my May 3's booked for a youth circle orientation courtesy of Ate Ayyi. But really, I couldn't care less if it's an orientation for growing house plants, just as long as I get to see human faces again. Yes.

Oh life. Really, I need to do something with my precious earth hours. Meep.

Okay, signing out.