Sunday, October 7, 2007

Rising Above

The defense was not a success. No, our proposal was not rejected, but it came close. So now I am still in academic limbo. No revised thesis, no grade--and possibly, another year at school.

Surprisingly, I handled this setback quite well. I didn't cry; I didn't rat about my thesis partners to my friends; I didn't even think of quitting school and leaving for someplace where life would be much easier and you could get employment without a degree. 'Cause that's how I lived my life in the past. I always found a way to run away: from school, from relationships (that were purely platonic, I must stress), and from responsibilities that I felt were too daunting to take on. That's why I was never familiar with the feeling of failure or pain.

Now I'm just glad that I'm starting to live responsibly. I took it easy the past couple of months, so I received my inevitable comeuppance. So now all I'll have to do is make things better.

Amazing, the things you can do once you take whining and histrionics out of the equation.