Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Moments that do wonders for my self-esteem

Yesterday afternoon, at our Division Chair's office:

Division Chairperson: (gives me a funny look, points a finger at me, and tells a MassComm student) "Why is (my name here) in English, and not in Mass Comm?"

Me (and the other student): *nervous laugh; exchange puzzled glances*
(at this point I communicate to the other student, by way of telekinesis and some eyebrow acrobatics: "I have no idea why she's asking you that question. Hmm, I also don't know why she's only asked you that, now that we're already in 4th YEAR. I sense a punchline forthcoming...")

Division Chairperson (who, not surprisingly, is in the mood to taunt/torment me again): "Nyee, si (my name) , nabilin na, nabilin na." (rough translation: "Nyee, si (pangalan ko), napag-iwanan na, napag-iwanan na.")

Me: (too nervous to give sarcastic laughter; continues with nervous laughter and awkwardly slinks out of Atty. Division Chairperson's office, thinking: "Yehess. Rub it in, ma'am, rub it in...")